What is a half bet? Things to know about half and half bets

Half even bets, one of the most common types of bets that appear in “evenly matched” matches. Most of those who love betting are certainly unfamiliar with half-way bets.

So, what exactly is a half contract? How to determine wins and losses and calculate rewards in this type of bet? All will be answered in the most detailed and specific way in the article below of New88.

What is the specific concept of Half Coin Odds?

What is a half bet? Is it easy to understand this type of bet?

For players who have learned about betting, it will not be strange to the concept of half-way bets. Half-way bet or half-way bet is a betting odds within a handicap. Accordingly, the half-coin bet stipulates a handicap of 0.25 or ¼. Similar to other handicap ratios, half handicap also determines the upper and lower bets. Specifically, the upper bet will handicap the lower bet with a difference of 0.25.

Half-way bets often appear in matches where the difference in strength between the two teams is not too large. Many players believe that the half-way bet is a more advantageous bet for the underdog because of the following regulations:

  • The person who bets on the winning bet can only win 9/10 points.
  • The person who bets the lower bet wins a reward of 10.5/10 points
  • If the top and bottom bets are tied, the top bet loses half the money and the bottom bet wins half the money.

How to calculate the win or loss in half bets

The way to determine winning or losing in a half bet is relatively different than other odds in a handicap. Accordingly, the half bet is not based on the goal difference between the top and bottom teams but depends entirely on the final result:

  • The person who bets on the upper team wins enough money when the lower team wins in the end, no matter how many goals the difference is, they still win.
  • The person who bets on the underdog wins and gets full money when the underdog team wins in the end with any score.
  • In case both teams tie, the player with the upper bet will lose half the money and the player with the lower bet will win half the money.

Instructions for calculating the specific half-coin bet

Instructions for calculating what the half bet is

To understand clearly about ball betting, in addition to knowing what ball betting is and how to determine winning or losing. You also need to pay attention to how the reward is calculated, specifically as follows:

  • Formula to calculate bonus when winning enough money: BET x ODDS RATE. For example, you bet on the upper bet with 100k and win, the odds on the upper bet are 1.85. At this point your bonus will be calculated as: 100×185 = 185,0000 VND.
  • Formula for calculating bonus when winning half: (BET x ODDS RATIO)/2. For example: You bet on the underdog with 100k, the odds specified on the underbet are 1.90. In case 2 teams tie, your prize will be (100×1.90)/2 = 95,000 VND.

Some tips for making “standard, no need to adjust” half-money bets

What is a half bet? The half-money bet can be said to be a difficult and unpredictable bet. To make a standard bet, you need to clearly understand what a half bet is and grasp a few more tips below:

Betting is based on the strength of the two competing teams

The strength of the two competing teams is the most important factor that you need to consider when making a half bet. Most matches with half-way odds are evenly matched matches. You must look carefully and analyze the advantages of each team. During the betting process, you should find out the overall strength and goal difference of both teams.

Consider the current form of each team

Sometimes teams have a much better overall performance but their current form is worse due to some change that occurred. For example: The team with the upper odds is rated better overall, but during training, a key player was injured, causing their current performance to drop a bit. In this situation, you can consider giving priority to betting on the underdog.

Evaluate the results of the two teams’ encounters

Evaluate the encounters from the two teams

If you want to know how well the two teams can compete in a real encounter, you should evaluate their previous encounters. The team with the upper handicap is highly appreciated but it is not certain that when facing the lower handicap, they can win.

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Above is the most general information about half and half bets. Hopefully you have understood what a half-way bet is and updated some effective betting tips. If you want to experience reputable sports betting, don’t forget to visit thể thao New88.

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