Sam Loc – Attractive online card game

Sam Loc appeared quite early when it was still a folk game, but was later improved into an online game. This game is implemented in a simple way but still retains its inherent appeal, ensuring that any bettor can easily compete in an extremely high-quality product.  Please follow the article below by Win55 Casino!

Some details about the game Sam Loc

Sam Loc is a card game originating from the North of Vietnam. Using a deck of cards with 52 cards, each person entering the game will be dealt 10 cards to compete with each other. When experiencing, the order of playing cards will be in the counter-clockwise direction.

With this card game, it is not possible to rely only on luck, but each person needs to learn tips, know techniques and ways of playing to be able to win games. At the house, members participate in playing Sam Loc coming from many different areas. Therefore, each player has the opportunity to compete with serious opponents across the country.

Main regulations of the Sam Loc card game

Sam card game has regulations on the number of participants in a game being from 2 – 4 people. Each person will be dealt 10 cards equally. In the first hand, the person with the smallest card has the right to play first. From the second game onwards, the winner of the previous game will have the right to play the first card. The order of large and small cards in the hands Sam Loc as follows: Dragon Hall > Four Quarters 2 > Same color > 3 Sam Co > 5 pairs.

In addition, the sets in Sam include:

  • Odd cards: Single cards not placed in any suit.
  • Pair: This means a pair of 2 cards with the same number.
  • Sam: Set of 3 cards with the same number or picture.
  • Four of a kind: Possessing 4 cards of the same number, this is a beautiful deck.
  • Straight: Possess cards in consecutively higher order (straight will be counted when it includes 3 or more cards).

The more beautiful a person owns a deck of cards, the more cards they can block to get ahead. Important terms that need to be understood in the Sam card game include:

  • Win white: In case someone on the table owns a 10-card straight, a 2nd four-of-a-kind, 10 cards of the same color, 3 cards or 5 pairs.
  • Ask the village: Anyone who thinks their card is very beautiful will ask the village to have priority to play first. If the request is successful, the player plays all the cards and comes first, but if he loses, he must pay the village.

Specific ways to play Sam Loc

Start the game Sam Loc will strike in a counter-clockwise direction. When you play a card on the table, it will be public for everyone to see. At that time, the next player is considered to block the previous player’s hand or skip it. Each person at the table in turn has the right to block. Note that if you want to block, the next person must play better cards or decks than the previous person.
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If you have played a card or deck of cards and no one at the table can block them, continue playing. Whoever plays all their cards first wins the game. Those who leave card number 2 behind without being able to play in time will be considered a bad 2. In a card game, there will be a person who comes first, who comes second, who comes third, and who comes last.


Sam Loc has now become a popular game that almost everyone who is passionate about playing cards online knows. With an interesting playing style that still retains its folk features, it makes many people love it. Hopefully the information provided in this article has helped you better understand this online Sam game. Final, win55 Wish you will have happy experiences.

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