Detailed Member Data Privacy Policy

chính sách bảo mật is the core content that customers need before joining the OKVIP family. The policy discloses “all” data collection principles and how members’ personal information is processed. Follow us to learn how the OKVIP security system works!

Principles for processing and collecting member data

Process for processing and collecting customers’ personal data okvip liên minh implemented according to the set of principles below. As follows:

  • Only when there is consent from the customer or meets legal regulations and legal obligations, OKVIP is allowed to collect player information and data.
  • Information collection goals will be deployed clearly and in detail to customers.
  • Prevent any illegal access to player information by applying a variety of state-of-the-art data security measures today.

When is personal data collected?

Privacy Policy regulation tIn some specific cases, the system will require customers to provide personal data to serve legitimate purposes. As follows:

  • When players use services on websites, platforms, register for entertainment accounts,…
  • Participate in promotional activities and events available on the system by filling out registration forms, filling out surveys,…
  • Candidates send personal information or submit CV to apply for staff positions League.

Full set of purposes for using customer data

During operation, OKVIP has the right to share player information with third parties. However, this is only limited to some specific purposes below:

Objects that share data

According to Privacy Policy, not all organizations/individuals are approved by OKVIP to share customer information. Specifically includes:

  • Subsidiaries, or potential business partners of the unit to provide information about cooperative products or common services between the two parties.

Share for affiliated companies and subsidiaries

  • Provider of payment, information technology, advertising or other services necessary for the operation and development of the platform.
  • Providing information according to the law to state agencies to protect community interests, comply with legal regulations, criminal investigations,…

Other sharing purposes

Besides, for the unit to have long-term and stable development, Privacy Policy also regulates information that is allowed to be shared for a number of other purposes. Specifically includes:

  • For service providers and partners: We want to use member data to upgrade customer experience and the quality of entertainment services here.
  • For financial transaction processing units: Find solutions to optimize payment processes, especially completing all financial transaction requests from players.
  • For legal agencies: Protecting the security, rights and property of players, typically implementing network security measures and preventing fraud using high technology.

Privacy policy – About deletion of customer data

During operation, OKVIP and players have the right to delete personal information that exists on the website. As follows:

OKVIP and both players have the right to delete information

  • When a customer makes a request to delete personal data.
  • To ensure member security, OKVIP will consider deleting unnecessary information on the system.

Responsibilities and rights of OKVIP customers

According to Privacy Policy, customers not only enjoy some privileges but also have to fulfill their own responsibilities. Specifically includes:

About rights

Once you become an official member of the OKVIP platform, you will be guaranteed security face personal interests. As follows:

  • The right to amend and access personal data when necessary or inaccurate.
  • Meet the request to permanently delete personal information from the system as requested by customers.
  • Have the right to refuse to provide personal information for specific purposes of the unit such as: Market survey, marketing,…
  • In case they feel their privacy has been violated, customers can fully object to the platform sharing information with third parties or refuse to provide their personal data to the OKVIP system.

KhCustomers may object to information sharing platforms

Details of customer responsibilities

In addition to the special benefits mentioned above, customers must fulfill their responsibilities Privacy Policy regulations. Specifically includes:

  • Update the latest changes and provide accurate personal data to facilitate League Easily control business activities.
  • Do not reveal your login information to third parties, keep your betting account strictly confidential to avoid being taken advantage of by bad people and spreading to the outside world.

So that’s the whole thing Privacy Policy OKVIP has been shared in detail in the above article. Don’t forget to read the information carefully to limit basic mistakes during the rookie entertainment process!

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